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Data Privacy Notice / Data Processing Consent for online identification by the Fully-Verified:

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Haaga-Helia) needs to identify students, research partners and staff members that will be given an access into the Haaga-Helia systems and resources, because of duty to implement data security to conduct safety and data privacy, required by GDPR and Finnish legislation.

In Haaga-Helia privacy related enquiries are to be send and handled by the data privacy officer.

Data privacy notice and more information:


The data, given by the person to be identified, is stored and handled in secure and safe manners, and will be removed, by the processor Fully-Verified OÛ, as described in the following privacy policy:


I hereby provide my personal data voluntarily and I declare that they are truthful and give my concent processing the data for identification purposes as above described for the data Controller - Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Ltd, based in Ratapihantie 13 00520 Helsinki, Finland, registry code: 2029188-8.
I hereby declare that I have read the content of the information above and the linked privacy notice and the policy, regarding processing of my personal data, including biometric data (image) to be given in a hereby form and obtained during the video identification process.
I hereby consent that Haaga-Helia uses Fully Verified in processing of my identification data. I consent that Fully Verified uses services outside of EU for processing the data. These services are: Twilio Inc.